Credit: Netflix

The cast of Stranger Things has been here, there, and everywhere since the Netflix show first premiered in 2016 – music videos, awards shows, blockbuster films as well as their fair share of magazine covers, including EW.

Now, the cast has gone MAD…

Credit: Mad

For the latest issue of MAD magazine, Alfred E. Neuman takes center stage as Eleven. Inside, no Hawkins, Indiana resident is spared from the Demogorgan writer and illustrator duo Desmond Devlin and Tom Richmond in the magazine’s binge-mock, titled Strangely Thin.

“It’s a story about a boy who goes missing until he gets found,” says the description, “The first suspects you see are the ones who did it. Both of the love stories go nowhere. And the one character who can stop the monster takes her sweet time getting around to it, because if she did her badass routine in the first episode, it also would’ve been the last episode. The mystery is: where’s the mystery?”

Credit: Mad

The upcoming issue of MAD will be available digitally on Friday, Sept. 29 and is hitting newsstands on Tuesday, Oct. 10. Stranger Things returns to Netflix for season 2 on Oct. 27. Until then, feel free to re-watch the trailer for the show’s upcoming season like all of us here.

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