"We're hoping we get to do it."

By Clark Collis
September 19, 2017 at 03:37 PM EDT
Brooke Palmer/NBC

Nick Antosca would currently seem to have his plate full with horror anthology show Channel Zero, which he created and whose second season, No-End House, premieres on SYFY Wednesday. But Antosca remains hungry for a revival of Hannibal, Bryan Fuller’s canceled NBC cannibal-serial killer show on which he worked as writer and co-producer.

“I’ve heard there are talks,” he says. “I know Bryan Fuller has a great idea for what the fourth season would be and Bryan, Don Mancini (writer-producer), Steve Lightfoot (writer-executive producer), all those people — and me of course — are hoping that we get to do it. I know what the idea is — I mean, unless he’s changed it. He had a very cool idea that we would have done had he gotten another season.”

Antosca is echoing the words of Fuller himself, who earlier this year said he had a “great idea” for a fourth season of Hannibal during an appearance on director Mick Garris’ podcast Post Mortem. Last month, Fuller tweeted that “conversations” had started about a revival of the Thomas Harris adaptation, which starred Hugh Dancy as criminal profiler Will Graham and Mads Mikkelsen as the murderous gourmand Hannibal Lecter.

Watch a trailer for Channel Zero: No-End House below.

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