D.J. and Steve's story isn't over yet — even though he's getting married to someone else

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D.J. (Candace Cameron Bure) is having some romantic troubles in the third season of Netflix’s Fuller House. More specifically, she’s a bridesmaid in Steve’s (Scott Weinger) wedding. Yikes.

“D.J.’s love life is going to have lots of turmoil in it,” creator Jeff Franklin teases. “She and Matt are still dating, but D.J. still has some feelings for Steve that are complicating her love life, and Steve also has some feelings for D.J., even as his relationship with C.J. moves forward.”

Credit: Mike Yarish/Netflix

As for Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin), she’s trying “to figure out a way to bring a baby into her life” after finding out last season that she couldn’t have children. “By the time we end season 3,” Franklin promises, “things are a lot different than how they started.”

But, don’t worry: Somethings will never change — like Kimmy Gibbler’s (Andrea Barber) wackiness. “Kimmy’s biggest struggle this season is realizing that her daughter Ramona is growing up, starting high school, and doesn’t really want to hang out with Mom all the time,” Barber says. “So she goes to great lengths to fit in with Ramona and the teenage crowd, which creates some hilarious and embarrassing situations.” One of those situations? A dance-off at Ramona’s (Soni Nicole Bringas) high school that may or may not be as uncomfortable as that one Macy Gray-featuring scene from season 1.


It’s these types of silly, heartwarming moments that Franklin attributes to the franchise’s long-lasting success. The original premiered 30 years ago this month and went on to run for eight seasons before coming back in the form of Fuller House last year.

“It’s a show that makes people feel good, and nowadays, probably more than ever, it’s a good thing to be able to forget about the world’s problems and come visit the Tanners and the Fullers where it’s a sunnier, happier vibe,” he says. “It’s not sarcastic, it’s not cynical, it’s not snarky. It’s good-natured fun.”

Season 3 of Fuller House debuts on Netflix Sept. 22.

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