By Christian Holub
September 15, 2017 at 12:20 PM EDT

For all their medical knowledge and expertise, real-life doctors can sometimes be easy to ignore. So to remind everyone to get their annual health check-up, Cigna released a new video Friday reuniting the TV Doctors of America. This time, the group — made of actors who have played iconic doctors on TV, like Patrick Dempsey and Donald Faison — were joined by two new members, Neil Patrick Harris and Kate Walsh.

“We know you can avoid drama by getting an annual check-up,” said Harris, who got his start playing the titular teenage doctor Doogie Howser.

“So we’re partnering with Cigna to remind you to go see a real doctor,” said Walsh, who played Dr. Addison Montgomery on both Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. 

Watch the video above.