The host makes predictions for next week's finale and also weighs in on jury house shenanigans
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Each week, host Julie Chen will answer a few questions about the latest events in the Big Brother house.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Kevin becomes the latest houseguest to be evicted. How would you sum up his time in the house this season?
JULIE CHEN: I think Kevin had a nice looooong vacation from his seven kids! But what he got was a new bunch of kids who he had to deal with. Kidding. Kind of. I think he probably had a blast while never really knowing how the game works or what the heck he was doing there. I think the first temptation was perfect for Kevin. He’s street-smart and knew hey, someone’s going to go for the 25k, it may as well be me! But all other aspects of the game I think were probably a bit lost on him. That being said, Kevin is a gem and I enjoyed seeing him and getting to know more about this guy. He’s one of a kind in a good way.

What do you make of what’s going on in the jury house, especially Raven calling herself the puppet master of the Big Brother house?
Boy, as the old saying goes.. .denial ain’t just a river in Egypt. But in this case, I think it’s more delusional. Wow. But hey, I gotta give her credit for believing in herself. I wish I had that self-confidence at that age.

Speaking of the jury, do you see any scenario where Paul does not win if he makes the final two?
It all depends on his final plea to the jury. If he somehow messes that up or rubs people the wrong way, he could lose. He better have hat in hand, zero arrogance, and just be humble and funny and amiable and then I think he’s got it made. Even Cody will have to respect and recognize that he was masterful at the game.

What if Christmas or Josh wins the final HOH? Do you think they take each other to the end, or Paul?
Christmas for sure takes Paul. I think she may have a crush on him and even wants him to win over her. Josh takes Christmas. She is his original ride-or-die and he’s woken up and smelled the matcha latte. He can’t win against Paul.

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