The evicted houseguest also says 'there's no animosity' toward Paul

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The self-proclaimed New Kid on the Block finally had his luck run out. 56-year-old stay-at-home dad Kevin Schlehuber was evicted out of the Big Brother house Thursday night when Christmas passed the sole vote against him. The sharp dressed man was in good spirits after being voted out, but how was he feeling the next day? We checked in with Kevin on his way to the jury house to find out. (Also read our latest Q&A with Julie Chen.)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Paul assured you that “everything was cool” and gave you his word that you were safe. How are you feeling about him now?
There’s no animosity. He did give me his word, but Paul is a 24-year-old. He knows how to play. I don’t need Paul to carry me. I knew what was going on. With 48 hours remaining I could see the writing on the wall. Paul started asking me different types of questions. I’m not mad at him. He played his game. I don’t carry anything over after the game. He’s a good game player. He’s a clever player.

You threw a lot of competitions this season at the request of Paul. Do you regret that strategy and wish you could have played full-tilt?
It was a team thing. It wasn’t just throwing it, if one of the team members won, we all won. If it’s still going to further you and the others to go further. Looking back, it’s like Monday morning quarterbacking – there’s no sense talking about it now. I think the one with the Revengers, I could have won that, but I have no bad feelings. I made it to final four without winning HOH or POV. I’m good with that.

Whom did you want to be sitting next to had you made it to the final two and why?
I wanted to be sitting next to Josh. Whoever sits next to Josh in the final two wins the game. Some of the jury members clashed with him all season. The yelling and screaming, he was put out there by others in the game to aggravate. I would want to sit next to Paul, because we were friends and would be happy if the other won. Paul and Christmas had the realization about Josh too, which is why they are in the final three with him.

Who that is sitting on the jury besides you do you think played the best game for the time they were in the house?
I would have said Jason and Alex, but maybe they didn’t play that great because they aren’t in the game. Mark played a good game, but his alliance with Cody worked against him. For some reason, everyone just didn’t like Cody, and I don’t understand it. He was the opposite as me — no social game, but great at physical game. But I would say Mark.

Finally, if you could go back and change one thing about your game, what would it be?
I would study things more and take in the dates and learn them and study more. Like, when they showed the tattooed photos, I could have studied them more. Focus more on the mental aspects of the game.

Make sure to read our interview with Julie Chen where she sizes up the final three. And for more Big Brother news, follow Dalton on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

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