Go behind the scenes with her as she voices Sandman's daughter

Ever wanted to know if some of your favorite supervillains were ever parents? Turns out, Sandman has his own sand spawn on the animated series Marvel’s Spider-Man, and she’s voiced by none other than Disney darling Sofia Carson.

In the episode, Carson voices Keemia, the estranged daughter of Flint Marko – a.k.a. Sandman – who also possesses similar superpowers to her father.

“When her father became Sandman, she became Sandgirl,” says Carson in the exclusive behind-the-scenes look above, “so she blames her father for her life of crime, which she swore that she wouldn’t live because she wanted to be better than her father.”

However, fans soon learn that after years of hurt and anger, Keemia doesn’t want to just be a better person than her father but also a better villain.

“Spider-Man was always my favorite,” Carson said about the young superhero who works to fix the relationship between Keemia and her father, “Peter Parker was just a regular boy next door. He saves countless lives out of the goodness that he has.”

Watch the entire video above to see the Descendants 2 star take on her guest role in Marvel’s animated series. You can catch the premiere of the full episode Saturday, Sep. 16 at 7 a.m. on Disney XD.

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