The 'Scorpion' EPs and star tease the musical number that opens the new season

Why are Katharine McPhee and Elyes Gabel singing in this new Scorpion season 4 clip? No, it’s not because Smash is being retconned into Scorpion (but imagine if it was!). Walter (Gabel) and Paige (McPhee) are filled with song because they’re just that happy after spending their first night together!

The new season of the CBS tech-drama opens with a joyous musical number, and the above clip is your first look at it. Picking up literally the morning after the finale — which, in case you forgot, ended with Waige finally becoming a thing — the season 4 premiere begins with Paige asking our favorite genius how he’s feeling. Alas, words aren’t enough for Walter — so cue the music!

“I feel like the sun is shining and the birds are singing — and the high pitch from its coo tells me it’s an English short-faced pigeon,” sings Walter in the video. Paige replies, “I feel mighty groovy. I feel mighty fine, because you’re sweeter than a pie.” However, Gabel and McPhee aren’t the only ones showing off their music chops. The entire cast gets in on the singing and dancing.

“It was probably the most fun I’ve had in a long time,” Gabel tells EW. “When you play the same character, no matter how interesting it is and how great the people are and the writing is, I think, as an artist, you kind of want to jump outside the box and do something different.”

Credit: CBS

The executive producers decided to begin the season with a music number because they wanted the audience to know a couple things now that Walter and Paige are an item.

“It doesn’t mean that the show still isn’t going to be fun, because so much of the fun was in the will-they-won’t-they,” says EP Nick Santora, who wrote the punny lyrics to the song, which is called “Everything Absolutely Genius,” features three different style changes, and was composed by the show’s composer Tony Morales. “Two, just because they’re together, doesn’t mean it’s going to go smoothly, because this is a genius and a human, after all.”

However, this wasn’t always the plan for the premiere. In fact, this music number only came about because they had no other idea how to start the season. Writer Kim Rome suggested they have Walter sing because he’s so happy and then another writer, Rob Pearlstein, jumped in with more ideas, and it just went from there. “We’ve set up a room where no idea is too crazy, no idea is too preposterous,” says Santora. “These are geniuses. They can make anything happen. So we just kind of went for it, and the more we talked about it, the more we realized it would be something fun for the audience. That’s our goal every week — just to give the audience something fun that they want to watch each week because we like making the show.”

The producers knew the cast could pull it off because many of them are performers. “You know that they’re going to react with excitement and they’re going to bring a lot to it,” says EP Nicholas Wootton, “because on this show they’re saving the world every week and there’s a lot of yelling, ‘Oh we gotta do this! We gotta save the world!’ That’s something the cast does every week. [Doing a] musical number, this is a lot of fun for them and they just absolutely went for it.” He added, “At the first rehearsal, you’re like, ‘This is gonna win.'”

Watch the fun clip above for a sneak peek at the number.

Scorpion returns Monday, Sept. 25 at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

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