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Author, no more: Henry’s going to have a very, ahem, timely new job when Once Upon a Time returns this fall and you’d honestly never guess it. We’d wager on it. Ready?

He’s an Uber driver. Yes, seriously. Well, it’s not called Uber in the cursed Seattle neighborhood of Hyperion Heights, it’s called Swyft, but it’s basically the same thing.

“Henry had the heart of the truest believer and when we meet him he no longer believes, and it’s up to his daughter — who he doesn’t even realize is his daughter — to help him find his belief again,” executive producer Edward Kitsis tells EW. “He is an Uber driver. He wrote one book called Once Upon a Time that we’ll realize has all the stories from the first six seasons, but it did not do well, no one bought it, and he’s a guy that’s kind of down on his luck looking for his place in the world.”

Apparently his place is driving the mixed fairy tale and real world denizens of Hyperion Heights swiftly to their destinations. But with this reveal also comes another fun fact: Unlike Storybrooke, Hyperion Heights actually has technology! “We are going to have technology and juice bars and Instagram and robots,” Kitsis says with a laugh. EP Adam Horowitz adds: “Robots everywhere!” They’re kidding. Probably. In all seriousness, Kitsis says, “Hyperion Heights will much more reflect the world we’re living in today whereas Storybrooke was its own timeless Capraesque small town.”

Once Upon a Time returns Friday, Oct. 6 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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