On 'EW: The Show,' Harrison reflects on his many jobs (and haircuts), including his days covering sports, to his latest gig as host of 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?'

By Maureen Lee Lenker
September 14, 2017 at 07:22 PM EDT
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When Chris Harrison is on a couch, usually he’s the one asking all the questions and prompting people to reflect on their past actions on television. This time it’s his turn in the hot seat.

Harrison joined EW: The Show for a bit of couch surfing to reflect on his career, starting with his days as a sportscaster on KWTV in Oklahoma City. “The hair is bad, but really the guy’s not bad,” he said of a 1997 news clip of him. “It’s a pretty good sportscast. I’ve watched this before and the cadence is the same; like my style, my delivery hasn’t really changed much, which means I haven’t evolved much as a host.”

The Bachelor host revealed that at the time his greatest dream in life was to move back to his hometown to cover the Dallas Cowboys. When he was offered a job in Los Angeles, he didn’t even realize hosting was an option. “I knew people were on TV, I didn’t know you could have that job,” he said.

In between hosting gigs, he took bit roles as newscasters and reporters on television shows and in films, including an appearance on Sabrina the Teenage Witch. “How about me showing my acting chops as — wait for it — a host?” he joked. “I was in several movies and shows like this because I could read a script I guess. I was a newscaster guy, so that’s the parts I would get.”

Never fear Bachelor nation — Harrison also opened up about his time on the popular ABC show, looking back on the very first episode from 2002 and discussing his more recent dust-up with Chad on Bachelor in Paradise. 

“That’s the first time someone’s told me to eff off on the show. How has that taken so long?,” he marveled. “The stuff I’ve done to people over 16 years, he’s the first to tell me to eff off.”

Watch the clip above for more from Harrison, where he also talks about his latest job as host of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?.

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