The NatGeo series follows Freeman's 'The Story of God'

By Eric King
September 12, 2017 at 03:15 PM EDT

For his upcoming National Geographic series, Morgan Freeman will sit down for a two-episode interview with President Bill Clinton, EW can reveal exclusively.

In a teaser trailer for The Story of Us (not to be confused with the Taylor Swift song), released on Tuesday, we see the former president talking about identity with Freeman. “All of us have a complicated way of identifying who we are,” he explains. Per National Geographic, the interview will take place over two episodes of the six-part series.

In The Story of Us, Freeman travels the world to find out “what are the common forces that bind us together?” The series intentionally comes at a time when national and global politics are more divisive than ever, with each episode diving into broad humanities that unite people such as love, belief, power, peace, rebellion, and freedom. Of course, he’ll be lending his booming yet comforting narration as he did with his 2016 Emmy-nominated NatGeo series The Story of God, which examined life, God, and world religions.

The Story of Us With Morgan Freeman premieres on National Geographic on Oct. 11 and will run for six episodes.