Collins' return will create some tension for Waige, tease the EPs and star Elyes Gabel

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Look who’s back on Scorpion!

EW has your first look at the return of Scorpion’s nemesis and former team member Mark Collins (Joshua Leonard) in the CBS drama’s two-part season 4 premiere. In the exclusive clip above, Collins, who is being released into Agent Cabe Gallo’s custody for a mission, is reunited with the rest of gang, and wastes no time in sharing his thoughts on Walter (Elyes Gabel) and Paige’s (Katharine McPhee) recent coupling.

Watch the very funny clip above to find out Collins’ take on the whole Waige situation before reading on to find out why Cabe is springing him from his prison.

In the past Collins has functioned mainly as an antagonist (remember, he tried to murder Eddie Kaye Thomas’ Toby in the season 2 finale?); however, this time around, he wants to help Scorpion save the world from extinction level event. Through a series of calculations from his cell, he discovered that there’s a gigantic methane bubble that’s about to explode and kill all of humanity in the process.

“We really have no choice but to get him out because he’s the only guy who knows where it is, and he won’t tell where it is,” says executive producer Nicholas Wootton. “Collins is absolutely insistent and is very seemingly convincing that he is a changed man. He says a lot of the right things. It’s very fun to watch this actor play this color of Collins as reformed.”

Given their past encounters, most of the team is very wary of working with him, but Walter agrees to do it, which leads to Paige and Walter’s first workplace conflict as a couple.

“Walter thinks it was the right thing to do [because] it’s temporary and they’ve got an ankle cuff on him so he can’t get too far away. Paige is saying, ‘You didn’t really think how it would affect people. This guy tried to kill one of us. It’s not about the most efficient and expedient solution, Walter. You have to consider feelings,'” explains EP Nick Santora. “They really go back and forth. Sometimes it’s an employee-employer disagreement, and sometimes it’s a boyfriend-girlfriend disagreement, and they’re realizing this [new dynamic] is really complicated.”

Collins’ return forces Walter and Paige to confront the fact that getting together might not be as easy as they thought it would be. “There are some interesting things that happen with them uncovering how differently they view each other and how different they are and what a proper relationship does to these two different personalities,” teases Gabel.

Scorpion returns Sept. 25 at 10 p.m. on CBS.

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