The duo celebrated Williams' birthday by wearing matching jackets and reminiscing about 'Dawson's Creek'

By Derek Lawrence
September 11, 2017 at 06:12 PM EDT
Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Former Dawson’s Creek costars/current BFFs Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps had a wild celebration of Williams’ birthday that included matching jackets, hospitalization, and reminiscing about who they made out with on their beloved WB drama.

Taking a break from filming I Feel Pretty, which is co-directed by Philipps’ husband Marc Silverstein, the duo kicked off the weekend festivities by sporting the ultimate BFF jackets.

Then, they traded in city life for a very familiar and nostalgic-filled locale in Massachusetts. While it wasn’t the fictional town of Capeside that Dawson’s Creek was set in, the setting did inspire some reminiscing and a perfect hashtag.

“We found a dock,” wrote Philipps in an Instagram post of the two. “WHERE YOU AT DAWSON? #wedontwanttowaitforourlivestobeover.”

When they weren’t waiting for James Van Der Beek to show up, Philipps and Williams played the classic game of “Who did we make out with on Dawson’s Creek?” In addition to the givens of Van Der Beek and Joshua Jackson, the familiar names discussed were Boardwalk Empire alum Michael Pitt and Supernatural star Jensen Ackles, who Philips explained to Williams is kind of a big deal.

Watch all of the Dawson’s Creek reminiscing above.