Awkward Meetings 101

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Tig Notaro knows how to remove herself from awkward gatherings. Perhaps it’s part of her experience playing her darkly comic character on Amazon’s One Mississippi. The actor helped spread the love when she popped by Entertainment Weekly: The Show to offer her tips for getting out of those kinds of situations.

Her tactics range from the basics, like saying you’re going to get a snack before repositioning yourself around better people, to the more advanced.

Notaro, for one, isn’t about discussing her profession as a comedian with many people. “If someone says they’ve thought about trying comedy, tell them, ‘Well, that’s crazy, there’s a great open mic that starts in two minutes, and if you leave now hopefully I’ll never see you again.'”

Notaro returns for the second season of One Mississippi, which premiered this weekend on Amazon.

Watch all her tips in the clip above.

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