And he brought the red sweater


Ken Bone, who became an unexpected viral sensation and symbol of the sweater-wearing everyman during the 2016 election, returned to the spotlight on Friday night on HBO’s Real Time. Host Bill Maher had lots of questions for the then-undecided voter, but he grilled Bone on who he voted for in the election.

“I want to convince you that you should have voted for Hillary [Clinton] instead of Godzilla,” Maher said, though Bone clarified, “I didn’t vote for Godzilla. I didn’t vote for Jill Stein, either.”

When pressed further, he said, “I promised before the election that I wouldn’t say who I voted for because, like it or not, we’re obsessed with celebrities in this country, and even like an F-list celebrity like me, people put stock in my opinion and it’s not fair to the democratic process if I tell them what to believe.”

“You’re an informer,” Bone told Maher. “That is your job to inform people, educate them, entertain them. I’m a random dude who works at the power plant, people don’t need to be informed by me.”

In case you don’t have your who’s-who guide to viral stars handy, Bone popped up during a town hall-style debate between Clinton and Donald Trump last October. Though he reiterated to Maher that he didn’t know why people took to him, it was probably due to the combination of his informed questions, name, and now signature red sweater.

Bone went on to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live and he got shoutouts from the likes of Chelsea Handler, Trevor Noah, and Snoop Dogg.

Maher joked that he wouldn’t “get outta California” until he revealed who he voted for, but he didn’t cave. “I voted for either [Gary] Johnson or Clinton or Trump. One of the big three — well, the big two and then the one,” he offered instead. Bone also added that “people are already asking me who I’ll vote for in 2020, and I won’t answer them. It turns our political process into TMZ and it creates people like me and nothing but sound bites and sniping back and forth and it doesn’t help solve the issues.”

Watch his full interview above.

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