By Dalton Ross
September 08, 2017 at 11:11 AM EDT
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Each week, host Julie Chen will answer a few questions about the latest events in the Big Brother house. See this week’s exchange below.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Julie! How in the name of Otev could Josh and Christmas go along with that plan of Paul’s to make her cast the deciding vote to get Jason out — putting even MORE blood on her hands — and then letting him lie and berate Josh after that vote while pretending he had nothing to do with it. What is wrong with these people?!
Well… I will say, Josh tried! He tried, but Christmas didn’t want to hear the truth. As Jack Nicholson would say: You can’t handle the truth! (A Few Good Men quote…) As for Christmas, I think there is a competitive gene in her where she likes to stab her competitors in the front while looking into their eyes! She likes to be feared and wants people to hear her footsteps! But in terms of Paul berating Josh after Jason got evicted was just over the top. If Josh is smart, he will take that little outburst as a wakeup call and try again to show his “ride or die” Christmas that Paul is only watching out for himself!

What do you think would have happened had you given Jason those five minutes to go back into the house after his eviction?
I think if I gave Jason those five minutes he wanted back in the house, he would have screamed his head off and gotten in a lot of faces. Probably Paul and Alex first, and then everyone but Kevin next. He probably would have also thrown a couch or flipped some furniture. The good news is, these houseguests must come out immediately to the live audience and me and their behavior is held accountable to a whole other level in that scenario. Had the cheering crowd not been as loud and supportive of him I think he might have maybe flipped my chair! But I can’t say I would’ve blamed him!

Raven told you, “I thought I played the game really well. I threw competitions for Paul.” How would you sum up her game this season?
Game? What game? Crickets. That’s how I sum up her game… the same way she played… silence.

You made the big announcement about Celebrity Big Brother coming this winter. What more can you tell us in terms of how long you all have been discussing this and the decision to do it now?
We have discussed it as far back as season 2. And then again about a year or two ago, but the economics didn’t make sense then. We found a way to make it work, and that’s all I can say! Game of Thrones likes to say “winter is coming” — well, guess what? With winter, comes the unexpected… Celebrity Big Brother, baby!

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