The evicted player also is convinced Paul voted for her to stay

By Dalton Ross
September 08, 2017 at 04:34 PM EDT
Big Brother
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Well, at least she found love, if not the half-million dollars. Raven Walton’s quest for the Big Brother title ended Thursday night when she became the second victim in a double elimination. But Raven can now look forward to being reunited with her showmance partner Matt in the jury house. Speaking of which, would she have sacrificed her game for him the way he did for her? And what will be the couple’s future outside of the game? We asked the 23-year-old Arkansassy dance teacher that and more on her way to the jury.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: One person voted for you to stay. Whom do you think that was and why?
RAVEN WALTON: It was Paul. I know he voted for me to stay and voted out Kevin. I’d be shocked if it wasn’t. I know in my heart he meant what he said. I love him to death, and I know it was Paul. I can’t wait to continue this friendship outside of this house.

If you could go back and change one thing about your game, what would it be?
Honestly, nothing. I felt like I played a great game. I was a very social player and worked with Matthew and Paul the entire summer. Matthew and I may have seemed like we were in our own little world, but we knew everything that was going on.

What was your end game — meaning had you made it to the end, whom did you want to be sitting next to?
I would want to be sitting next to Paul, 100 percent. We agreed on that like week two or three, and when I say something and make a promise, I keep it. Paul is the same way. I probably would have lost to Paul, but I would have been okay with that, just right in my book.

Matt sacrificed his game to keep you in the house. Would you have ever considered doing something like that for him?
Of course. Matthew would not let me do that because Matthew is just an unbelievable man. He took a penalty vote for me, and I don’t know many people who would do that for someone they just met. I told him to let the house decide since I wasn’t going to campaign against him. He would not have let me sacrifice my game for his game.

The good news is you’ll be reunited with Matt in the jury house. What do you think your future is with him outside of the house?
I’m so excited to see Matthew in the jury house! It’s bittersweet since I know he’ll be excited to see me, but not excited since it means I’m out of the game. We have a pretty bright future. We’ve made plans to travel already too. I think that Maven will have a future.We’re attached at the hip and connect on so many levels. And dear Lord, have you seen him? He’s so good looking and his heart is even better, which makes it all worth it to me.

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