Plus: How to attend the 'Star Trek: Discovery' premiere as Wilson's guest
Star Trek: The Original Series

Rainn Wilson is your serenading Star Trek: Discovery hallway tour guide as the former Office star makes the rounds on the Toronto set of the U.S.S Discovery (with a little guest cameo by a passing Anthony Rapp). Watch the video above.

Wilson plays con man Harry Mudd on the CBS All Access series. The role originated in 1966’s The Original Series, but the Discovery version is a bit different. “This was truly one of the hardest roles I’ve ever done,” says the longtime Trek fan. “Mudd’s language is really flowery and over the top. He has humor and violence and sarcasm and a dark side and a goofy side and it was a very physical role. It was truly demanding. It was a great challenge that I loved that.”

Wilson is also offering the chance a fan to accompany him to the premiere of Star Trek: Discovery in Los Angeles, to walk the red carpet and attend the after-party as his guest. Basically, if you donate to Wilson’s Prizeo campaign benefitting LIDE Haiti — as little as $10 gets you in — you’re entered for a chance to win. The charity provides empowerment through the arts for Haitian women and girls.

“My wife and I went to Haiti and just fell in love with the country and knew we wanted to do something there and then two months later was the earthquake and our hotel collapsed,” Wilson recalls. “Everyone staying in the hotel was killed and 200,000 people died in about two minutes. We knew we had to do something and that’s when we started doing these arts workshops. It’s one of the poorest places int eh world and women are treated terribly there, so we knew we had to do something to uplift, empower and educate girls.”

Star Trek: Discovery debuts Sept. 24 on CBS and after that will air exclusively on CBS All Access streaming service.

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