Sophia Bush is done with internet trolls and “haters.”

The former Chicago P.D. star called out “fans” who question and dissect her every move online, making the plea for everyone to “remember that we’re all human” and “try to be better.”

It’s not precisely clear what supposed fans and trolls were saying that so got under Bush’s skin, though she did comment that the hate is “literally EVERY GD second of EVERY GD day.”

Bush announced she was leaving Chicago P.D. after four seasons back in May, upsetting many fans of the show, who were also angered Bush remained largely quiet about the decision. Additionally, Bush is very politically outspoken on social media, promoting causes she believes in such as feminism, immigration, and more. In the wake of Donald Trump’s election, she has been increasingly vociferous in her messages of resistance and political statements.

Bush posted a stream of messages on her Twitter page, expressing frustration at those constantly on her case. “Being alerted to groups of ‘fans’ ripping your life, choices, and happiness apart in private chats feels like sh– y’all,” she wrote. “You can’t please everyone? Well you sure can be ripped by everyone. Every day. Endlessly.”

She went on to remind detractors that they don’t know her or her life. Finally, she noted that the hate really was constant, writing, “And yes, for those asking. It’s literally EVERY GD second of EVERY GD day. So haters? You’re not even original. I’ve heard it all!”

Bush’s One Tree Hill costar, Hilarie Burton, showed her support on Twitter, cheering, “PREACH Sis!!!! You’re a GD diamond!”

Read Bush’s full clap back below.

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