By Eric King
September 05, 2017 at 11:49 AM EDT
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Netflix has released the first trailer for its most recent reboot: The Magic School Bus Rides Again. In the clip, we get our first look at Kate McKinnon’s Fiona Frizzle, who will take the keys from Professor Frizzle (still voiced by Lily Tomlin, who also stars on Netflix’s Grace and Frankie). The trailer also features the show’s retro original theme covered by Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda. Listen to the 2017 version below.

According to the trailer, Fiona Frizzle is replacing her older sister Valerie as the kooky science teacher of Walkerville School. But Tomlin’s Frizzle will have something to do on the new series, it seems, as she tells her pet monkey Goldie at the end, “Our adventure begins!”

And let’s not forget about the bus, which will magically take the students into the clouds, directly to the sun’s core, and across the internet, according to a press release. Back in the ’90s, all these kids had to worry about was potentially drifting out into space — now they’re coming close to perhaps their most dangerous field trip yet: Twitter.

The children’s comedy show drops on Netflix Sept. 29.

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