By Oliver Gettell
September 03, 2017 at 11:03 AM EDT
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This post contains plot revelations from the Game of Thrones season seven finale, “The Dragon and the Wolf” …

Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish learned the hard way that when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die — and actress Sophie Turner is on record that he got exactly what he deserved.

Turner portrays Game of Thrones’ Sansa Stark, the object of Littlefinger’s creepy affections and frequent target of his manipulations, so it’s no wonder she’s isn’t a big fan of the Lord Protector of the Vale.

In the wake of the GoT season 7 finale, Turner weighed in on some fan discussions on Twitter to remind everyone what a conniver Littlefinger was.

Responding to one fan’s claim that Baelish “never hurt Sansa,” Turner tweeted, “Nah.. just willingly sold her to the Boltons…. Who killed her family… who ended up torturing her…. but ur right.. no harm done.” She added a sarcastic thumbs-up emoji.

Continuing the Westeros history lesson, Turner replied to another fan’s “reminder” that Littlefinger helped Sansa and her family reclaim their ancestral home of Winterfell. Turner tweeted, “Because Sansa asked him to (and agreed because he loves her)…. because he owed her…. for selling her to the [Boltons]…. need I say more?”

She need not.

The actor who played Littlefinger, Aidan Gillen, recently spoke to EW about his character’s fate as well. “There were more feelings for Sansa than I’ve let on in the past,” he said. “It becomes obvious. It’s an emotional farewell. And it’s a humiliating position to be in. He’s back in the sort of humiliating position that has been a driver for him: The rejection of Catelyn Stark, the humiliation by [Ned Stark’s older brother] Brandon Stark …. He’s put back in that position again.”

Gillen also admitted that Littlefinger’s constant scheming finally blew up in his face. “With carefully laid plans there’s always a bit of risk involved,” he said. “He’s put himself in a situation that could backfire on him. I think he likes it. [His plans] are never fail-safe. But he puts himself on the line like a good gambler.”

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