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Thanks for the Tiana scoop! Anything else you can share about Once Upon a Time? — Pret
How about some more Tiana news? I can exclusively reveal that newbie Mekia Cox has been upped to series regular. The Princess and the Frog heroine, whose cursed counterpart is named Sabine, will also get the flashback treatment in episode 5. “We’re not redoing the movie, but we’re taking it as a jumping off point,” executive producer Adam Horowitz says. “We have a OUAT spin.”

Any Lena/Kara scoop for Supergirl? — Brianna
Following the events of the finale, as Kara pushes away her humanity, Lena will suffer guilt over her involvement in costing Kara her relationship. “While Lena’s feeling good that she helped saved the world, she feels very responsible that her best friend is hurting, and she’s trying to bring Kara back to the friendship that they had,” says Katie McGrath, who teases that Lena will do something very big in the premiere to try to rectify that.

There haven’t been any major deaths on the final season of Teen Wolf. Should I be worried? — Mary
In Beacons Hills, you should always be worried. But more than any other episode this season, Sunday’s will make you question the future of more than one beloved character. With the war between Gerard’s hunters and the supernatural ramping up, Scott finds himself (and people he loves) in grave danger. Let’s just say you don’t want to miss the final minute.

Loved The Blacklist Tom/Liz reunion photos. More scoop? — Joe
While I’m excited for the duo to reunite, I’m worried the suitcase will definitely (and quickly) tear them apart. “It’s a relief that Tom is back and that they can be a family again, and they can physically be together,” EP Jon Bokenkamp says. “It’s also an incredible source of conflict in their relationship because Reddington has really no love for Tom Keen. Elizabeth Keen is kryptonite to Tom. She is the thing that keeps him alive. In fact, Reddington probably would’ve killed Tom a long time ago had Liz not cared for him so much. And so, in terms of them as a couple, it’s great news that Tom is back. In terms of the dynamic of that threesome, that now very literal familial threesome, it is a powder keg.”

Do you know which version of Wells will be on The Flash this season? — Brad
Initially, it’s a return to the Earth-2 Wells, though I can tease that Harry won’t be the only Wells we’ll see this season. In the meantime, Harry will be struggling to find his own place. “He’s a genius, and his daughter is safe, and she’s The Flash on Earth-3, and he’s one of those people who’s realizing that he doesn’t have a life,” EP Andrew Kreisberg says. “So season 4 for Harry is really realizing what he’s missing in his life and what it is he needs to become a better, more complete person, and so he’s going to be going on a fairly epic emotional journey this season that is tied to The Thinker’s plan.”

Can you tease anything about Inhumans? — Jacob
While the show kicks off on the moon-based city of Attilan, it won’t be long before the Royal Family is thrust to Earth — and they each have very different reactions to their new predicament. “Some are scared, some are curious, some are better prepared for it than others, but they each have their own unique adventure on Earth because it all affects them in different ways,” showrunner Scott Buck says. “They all come into contact with different people, who shape their experiences in different ways.” Pro tip: You should probably be worried if any of them come into contact with Henry Ian Cusick’s Dr. Evan Declan. “[He’s] an independent researcher who has been testing Inhumans on Earth,” Buck teases.

Do you know anything about Maze’s storyline this season on Lucifer? — Rachel
Don’t expect to see much of Maze at the top of the season. “Maze is gone bounty hunting for the first part of the season, i.e. having her child and spending time with her new baby,” says showrunner Ildy Modrovich. “But when she comes back, she’ll find her best friend with this new friend, so she’ll be very, very jealous of that because, ‘Hey, Linda’s her best friend!’ so that will be fraught with drama.”

The last time we saw Fathers Marcus and Tomas, they were joining forces. So where do we see them again when The Exorcist comes back? — Joshua
Their first scene this season will — surprise, surprise — see them “full-on in the middle of an exorcism,” star Ben Daniels teases. When the story picks up six months after the finale, the two are working together, with Marcus guiding Tomas, but the arrangement isn’t perfect. “Marcus really loves training Tomas, but there’s a slight tension starting to creep into their relationship because Tomas now feels he can [perform exorcism differently],” Daniels says. “There’s a certain way of performing exorcisms that Marcus knows about but thinks is very dangerous, so we go from there.” Sounds like the student is beginning to disobey the teacher…

What’s going to happen with Darci’s baby on Jane the Virgin? — Vicki
Considering Rogelio and Xo finally tied the knot, him having a baby with another woman is definitely going to complicate things … especially when that other woman forms a connection with someone new. “Rogelio wants to make sure he is a co-parent and that he shares custody with Darci, and Xo wants to be supportive,” showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman says. “The Darci-Rogelio situation has a lot of twists and turns and it’s one of the arcs that I’m most excited about. She makes a surprising connection with someone from his telenovela world that starts to upset him and when the baby is born, it’s a beautiful set piece that I don’t want to spoil, but it’s a different kind of birth than we’ve seen.” Any guesses?

Anything on Broad City? — Richard
Season 4 brings a slew of guest stars (RuPaul! Fran Drescher!), but expect to be wowed the most by Shania Twain’s larger-than-life turn. “Her sense of humor about herself as this icon in the world of Broad City, like, her self-awareness of being down to joke about herself as an icon was shocking,” Abbi Jacobson says. “That was shocking.” Adds Ilana Glazer: “She’s so funny and naughty and hilarious.” But… does she sing? “Kind of,” teases Jacobson. Fingers crossed we get a drunken rendition of “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!”

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