By Chancellor Agard
August 30, 2017 at 09:00 AM EDT

Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) better look out, because Tim Roth (The Hateful Eight) is coming for her and her company in the exclusive new trailer for Tin Star, Amazon’s upcoming revenge thriller.

The Canadian Rockies-set drama/dark comedy stars Roth as Jim Worth, a recovering alcoholic and former British detective-turned-small-town police chief who moves his family to the quaint town of Little Bear in search of a quieter life. Unfortunately, he won’t find it here, as a huge new oil refinery, led by Elizabeth Bradshaw (Hendricks) moves to town, bringing drugs, gambling, prostitution, and organized crime with it. Thus, it’s up to Jim to protect his family and the town.

“I thought people loved the police in Canada,” says Jim in the trailer, to which his wife Angela (Genevieve O’Reilly) dryly replies, “Yeah, until you got here, evidently.”

When his family gets caught in the crosshairs and suffers a tragic loss, Jim’s dark side, “Jack” — his “unpredictable” and “menacing” alter ego — is awoken (see around 0:44 in the trailer).

Written by Rowan Joffé (28 Weeks Later) and produced by Kudos, Tin Star also stars Abigail Lawrie (The Casual Vacancy), Oliver Coopersmith (Dickensian), Christopher Heyerdahl (True Blood), Stephen Walters (Outlander), Ian Puleston-Davies (Marcella), Roark Critchlow (Pretty Little Liars), Sarah Podemski (Cashing In), Ryan Kennedy (Major Crimes), and Kevin Hanchard (Orphan Black).

The entire 10-episode first season will be available Friday, Sept. 29 on Amazon.