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USA Network has released another Psych: The Movie promo to get you excited for the forthcoming reunion. Sure, it doesn’t reveal any new plot details, but who cares? The 1-minute teaser boasts that classic Shawn and Gus banter that we’ve all missed in the past three years.

In the spot, which was released last night, James Roday and Dulé Hill go back and forth about the particulars of the two-hour holiday movie: Shawn (Roday) claims it will be shown it theaters (it won’t be); Shawn says it’ll also be in 3D (false, again); and Shawn also declares that Brian Goosring, a.k.a. Ryan Gosling, guest-stars in it (alas, we wish). The most interesting thing about the promo, however, is that it Roday and Hill refer to each other by their characters’ names, which suggests that Shawn and Gus have become even more self-aware in the intervening years and now know that they’re characters on a TV show.

“Gus, don’t be fake news,” says Shawn after Gus shoots down his false facts.

In the end, our favorite sleuths reach a consensus on the following details: Psych: The Movie will air on USA Network, and not in 3D (thank god), this December.

Watch the teaser below:

For more information on the highly-anticipated holiday special, check out EW’s coverage below:

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