“We love your soul,” one woman tells Tig (Tig Notaro) in the new trailer for season 2 of One Mississippi. “And it is possible to pray the gay away.”

“What if I want to pray the gay to stay?” Tig deadpans in response.

This is one of multiple, uh, interesting points of view Tig will encounter in the second season, which finds the comedian getting used to life in a small Mississippi town, where she’s living with her 65-year-old stepfather (John Rothman), a peculiar man with peculiar rules (see: his lecture about the dishwasher).

The season will also feature some potential romance between Tig and, as her brother (Noah Harpster) calls her, “straight Kate” (played by Notaro’s real-life wife, Stephanie Allynne).

“Season 2 is somehow more honest while being more fictional than season 1 was,” Notaro previously told EW. “There are still nuggets of truth from my life that we have used, but there are also elements from the lives of the other writers woven in. It really makes for such an exciting experience for me personally because I’m not stuck telling the same story that maybe people have already seen in my documentary or read in my book. … It makes it fun to see the ‘what if’ side of life.”

See the trailer, premiering exclusively here, above, and watch season 2 when it debuts on Amazon Sept. 8.

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