Could these be the episode titles? Plus, a new teaser

By Shirley Li
August 28, 2017 at 01:29 PM EDT

Marvel’s The Punisher has sent a message. Thirteen of them, to be exact.

The series’ official Twitter handle tweeted a slew of separate Morse code messages on Monday, and EW has deciphered each below:

1: “3 AM
2: “Two Dead Men
3: “Kandahar
4: “Resupply
5: “Gunner
6: “The Judas Goat
7: “Crosshairs
8: “Cold Steel
9: “Front Toward Enemy
10: “Virtue of the Vicious
11: “Danger Close
12: “Home
13: “Memento Mori

Roger that, Marvel. The 13 phrases appear to be the episode titles for each of the 13 episodes in the Daredevil spin-off series’ first season. Some clearly refer to the military past of its titular anti-hero Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) — “Front Toward Enemy” refers to the instructions written on mines, for example — while others point to sayings about patriotism, like “Virtue of the Vicious,” which is taken from an Oscar Wilde quote.

“Kandahar,” however, is the name of the city in Afghanistan where Frank was once stationed, and had been referred to by the Blacksmith (Clancy Brown) in Daredevil season 2. Could it be a hint to what Frank will face when his series begins? (Aside from his tortured past, that is?)

The account also tweeted a new teaser featuring key art of the main characters, alas without a release date:

Marvel’s The Punisher hits Netflix this fall.

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