Plus, get a look at Melanie Scrofano's baby in a cast 'thank you' video
Wynonna Earp - Season 2
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Wynonna Earp wrapped its second season with an emotional finale filled with revelations.

[SPOILER ALERT: Details from the season 2 finale of Wynonna Earp follow.]

The Widows raised their husband in episode 11, but they still had to find him. Lucky for them, everybody's favorite revenant Bobo was ready and willing to help.

Meanwhile, Wynonna had to deliver her baby… in Doc's bar. Rosita and Waverly are there, that is, until Rosita knocks out the younger Earp and tells Wynonna she's going to assist in the birth and then give the new Earp heir away to her fellow revenants.

Once she wakes back up, Waverly is able to use Peacemaker to shoot — but not kill — Rosita. She helps her sister give birth to a baby girl, who Wynonna names Alice Michelle. Waverly takes her across the line, proving that neither she nor the baby are half revenant.

After Doc and Wynonna both say goodbye to Alice Michelle, Nicole helps get her out of Purgatory by arranging a helicopter. Perry shows up with it to fly her out of the Ghost River Triangle and away to safety.

Finally, Wynonna and Doc take out the two Widows and learn that taking down their husband — or the Cult of Bulshar — is going to be a season 3 task. So Wynonna goes to her mother to get help.

It was a lot to unpack for one episode, so we caught up with showrunner Emily Andras to help us break it down. Make sure to read until the end, where the cast — and Melanie Scrofano's baby — share a special video.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Let's start with the baby of it all. How hard was it for Melanie to film the scene where she's saying goodbye to the baby on the pool table?

EMILY ANDRAS: That scene is the last thing that Melanie filmed for the season. She was nine months pregnant then, and she was pretty uncomfortable and not feeling very well on set that day. (And then, four days later, she gave birth!) It was an incredible performance. Mel is so generous that she'll say that because it was so real, it's easier to tap into those emotions. Dominique [Provost-Chalkley] said she just watched in awe as Melanie did that scene. And the truth is, that was just one take. The baby managed to cry in between Mel's lines like a pro! That's like the Robert De Niro of babies.

The fact that she had a girl feels very fitting.

To be completely honest, I went back and forth because I thought if it were a boy, Wynonna could maintain the legacy of being the only female Earp heir. But at the end, there's now an Earp women legacy, so it had to be a girl.

Now I see why you wanted to bring Perry back last week. Is he going to raise the baby or is he just facilitating the handoff?

I think he's going to get the baby to Aunt Gus, who we haven't seen this year. It's safer for Perry if he doesn't know where Gus and the baby are headed. The more misdirects we can put in the way of the Revenants and demons, the safer this baby is going to be. The heartbreak is, that also makes it harder for our people to find the baby — but that's sacrifice. For Wynonna to realize the baby would have a better life away from her is a very real story for a lot of mothers and something we thought was worth telling.

Since the baby left the Triangle, we know the baby is definitely Doc's. Was there ever a time when you thought about making it a half demon baby?

We definitely considered ye olde demon baby, but to be honest; that's a genre story I've seen a lot of. The key to Wynonna Earp is its ability for the characters and relationships and emotions to remain human and grounded, even in the midst of insane supernatural situations. So we ultimately decided that Wynonna Earp should just have… a baby. A beautiful, perfect, healthy, innocent baby girl who just happened to be the progeny of an Earp and a Holliday. It made Wynonna's decision to give Alice Michelle up so torturous, so pure, and so selfless. And that felt like a decision that was consistent with Wynonna's character: the hard, heartbreaking, but ultimately right one.

Waverly also crossed the Triangle line, so we know she's not half demon. But then Bobo cryptically says she's kin. What does that mean?

What do you think when you hear the word kin? I think family; I think relationship. He seems pretty clear on the fact that he's not her father, even though there seems to be some sort of relation there. She crossed the line, so we know she's not a Revenant, but we still don't know for sure if she's not something else. But, luckily, someone has arrived on the scene who can maybe shed some answers on it…

Speaking of Waverly… she shot at Rosita with Pacemaker and it turned blue and went off but didn't fire a kill shot. What is this new trick?

We've seen Peacemaker turn blue once before, which was in the first season finale when Wynonna mercy kills her sister Willa. As you do. I definitely have an idea of why Peacemaker turns blue when it does, but I would like to leave it open for fan speculation. I would say it has something to do with the Earps in particular and choices they're making.

Wynonna was just starting to trust Rosita when she turned on her. Is there any hope of redemption at this point?

I think one of the biggest mistakes Wynonna made this year — in the name of something good — was in episode 10 when she forced Rosita, or so she thought, to act as a guinea pig to test the serum to save Nicole. And in doing so, Wynonna said, "I promise I will shoot you last." When I look at Rosita and Wynonna, I see two characters who are more alike than they are different. Rosita has done everything she can to keep going and she's tried to better herself and fight on. In the end she made a terrible, terrible choice. On the other hand, she's half demon. We've seen Bobo, who was a good man as Robert, be unable to fight those instincts. She's basically fully evil now as far as I can tell. But, look, I think Rosita is an interesting three-dimensional character and we would love to see more of Tamara Duarte next year. There's always hope.

And what about Jeremy? Does he have super powers?

Maybe. He seems to know things, doesn't he? He seems to be able to tell things, like, for example, he knows our favorite ship name, which was very weird. If you go back and watch season 2 over the hiatus — which I think of course you will while telling your friends and family to do so as well — you'll see there are several moments where Jeremy has insight into people or knows things he couldn't have known naturally. Something for next year…

What does that Wynonna-Doc kiss mean for her relationship with Dolls?

One thing I love is, this show and Wynonna have done relationships in a completely unconventional manner. Wynonna and Doc have had a baby together, but they're not even really together. I feel like Dolls and Wynonna are closer than ever, but at the same time is their relationship becoming one of mutual respect and partnership? He took a backseat once he found out she's pregnant, but she's not pregnant anymore. All doors are still open, but things have evolved between the three of them. Also, the thing that has become more complicated is, Doc and Dolls are actually friends, for lack of a better term. They respect each other and kind of understand each other. I don't think they want to force Wynonna's hand to choose one of them over the other until she's ready. It's a big ol' mess, and I can't wait to unravel it.

Nicole got divorce papers from Shae that said, "I'll always love you." Should we be worried about that?

I would be way more concerned about the fact that Nicole has a giant file on the demon who just rose from the earth called the cult of Bulshar and she seems to have picked up Bulshar's ring when Mercedes died. The divorce is one thing, but we have a much more terrifying situation on our hand. Like, what does Nicole know? When did she know it? And what are she and Dolls up to?

And, finally, Momma Earp! Any thoughts on who could play her?

I would love to be able to tell you that Sigourney Weaver is playing Momma Earp, but stay tuned. I'm sure we'll get someone amazing. Lucy Lawless, call me immediately.

What can you tell us about the character?

It's shocking that Wynonna obviously knows where she is. It's really interesting that Momma Earp has some sort of intel — not only into Waverly's parentage but also the demon Bulshar. All we know for sure is she has the Earp hair. I hope fans spend the hiatus speculating who she is and what Wynonna knows about her.

Yeah, I always assumed the Earp girls had no idea where their mom was, so that was surprising to see her.

One of them didn't have any idea where their mom was! Wynonna knows and maybe that could be a problem when she has to tell Waverly…

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Wynonna Earp returns to Syfy with season 3 in 2018.

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