By EW Staff
August 25, 2017 at 12:50 PM EDT

Not sure what to binge this weekend? We’re here to help: Each Friday, the EW staff reveals which TV shows and movies, new and old, they’ll be streaming once work’s over. Below, check out our picks for the weekend ahead.

Show Me a Hero (HBO GO)

I recently discovered that someone who I thought was my friend had never seen — or even heard of — Show Me a Hero, the nearly perfect six-part David Simon miniseries about the most David Simon-y thing of all: a racially charged city planning battle in late-’80s Yonkers. As I started telling him all the great things about the show — Oscar Issac dancing to the Boss in an oversized sweatshirt! Catherine Keener in giant grandmother glasses! Alfred Molina as a racist! — I realized that I wanted to watch it again. So I will! (Plus, it’s a good way to pumped for Simon’s next New York period piece, The Deuce.) —Ray Rahman (@RayRahman)

The Great British Baking Show: Masterclass (Netflix)

Here’s your dilemma: You just finished the American airing of Great British Bake Off season 7 (the last episode of which aired in the U.K. last October). The not-so-anticipated and pretty controversial season 8, taken over from BBC by Channel 4, will not include beloved judge Mary Berry, Sue Perkins, and Mel Giedroyc and won’t premiere in the U.K. until Aug. 29. So to tide you over before you watch it illegally online, go on Netflix and watch The Great British Baking Show: Masterclass. It’s literally just Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood making bakes from the seasons (4-6) better than the contestants did — and roasting each other mercilessly in the process. Do it because who knows if we’re going to get this caliber of repartee in season 8. —Eric King (@erickingdavid)

Better Things (Hulu)

Missed Better Things when it premiered on FX last year? Catch up before the second season kicks off in September by watching the stand-out series’ stellar first season, which just arrived on Hulu. Louis C.K. co-created the show with Pamela Adlon, who stars as a single mother to three kids. It’s sharp and sweet and funny, highlighting female-specific triumphs and trials while remaining pleasantly brighter than its comedy-drama forebears — Louie included. —Ariana Bacle (@iambacle)

Suits (Amazon Prime) 

With the long-running USA Network legal drama set to air its 100th episode next week (still can’t wrap my head around this), it feels like no better time to revisit some of the show’s earlier seasons. I plan on starting with season 2, which is when the show finally found its voice and figured out it was more interested in firm power politics than cases of the week. If you’ve never watched the show before, then start with the pilot, which is when genius fake lawyer Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) and maverick lawyer Harvey’s (Gabriel Macht) bromance begins. —Chancellor Agard (@chancelloragard)

Mimic (HBO GO)

If you find yourself chomping at the bit waiting for The Shape of Water or Pacific Rim: Uprising, we invite you to get your Guillermo del Toro fix by watching his second feature-length film Mimic, released 20 years ago this week. After his acclaimed but largely overlooked debut Cronos, del Toro was looking to prove himself in Hollywood, and that he did with this exceedingly creepy tale of mutated giant cockroaches who stalk the subways of NYC starring Mira Sorvino. While the concept might sound B-movie schlocky on paper, the finished result is pristine, sinister, and destined to get under your skin, especially thanks to that skittery sound the bugs make. Good luck! —Dan Heching (@moodyHeching)

The Twilight Zone (seasons 1-3 and 5 on Netflix; entire series on Hulu)

It’s impossible to watch The Twilight Zone and not see its parallels with today’s sociopolitical climate. Couple that with the influence Rod Serling’s progressive sci-fi series has on some of today’s most provocative shows — Black Mirror and the currently airing Room 104 in particular — and the Fifth Dimension seems incredibly timely. Highlights: “The Hitch-Hiker” and “Number Twelve Looks Just Like You.” —Jami Ganz (@JamiGanz)