Blunt lulls away the pain of bad news with a song

By Nick Romano
August 25, 2017 at 08:15 AM EDT

James Corden figured the best person to help deliver blunt news to his staff on The Late Late Show was James Blunt. It wasn’t the worst idea. After all, the singer can fire someone and then lull the bad vibes away with the melody to “You’re Beautiful.” All of a sudden, bailing on your sister’s wedding to work extra hours by yourself on the weekend doesn’t sound so bad.

“The worst thing about my job is breaking bad news to my staff,” Corden says in the new short. “How do I keep my fun persona while telling someone that their work is absolute sh–?”

The answer was easy: have Blunt do it. “You’re fired…he can’t sustain an employee who’s work is so mediocre,” he tells a staffer.

But Blunt’s bluntness goes both ways, as Corden found out when the musician told him everybody at his office hates him and is actively looking for other jobs. For the late-night host, that was “too blunt” — even for James Blunt.

Watch the bit above.

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