By Dalton Ross
August 25, 2017 at 06:48 PM EDT
Big Brother
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Summer is the season of flip-flops… unless you are in the Big Brother house. Mark Jansen tried to follow the power for his first few weeks in the game, and it ultimately cost him his game as the 26-year-old personal trainer was evicted Thursday night by a vote of 4 to 2 instead of Matt.

What is Mark’s biggest regret about his time in the house? Why couldn’t he convince the others to keep him since he was already alone? Who does he think is playing the best and the worst? And what will his future hold with showmance partner Elena? We asked him all of that on his way to the jury house. (Also make sure to read our weekly Q&A with Julie Chen.)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You made a lot of last-minute pitches to stay in the house. Why do you think people ultimately weren’t receptive to those?
MARK JANSEN: I don’t know if it’s because the six of them are working together or not, but I don’t think they want to make a big move so they don’t create a target on their back. They wanted to stick together and evict me and not upset anybody.

What’s your biggest regret in terms of how you played and moves you made or didn’t make in the game?
My game was bad because of the events that happened, and being close to Cody and Jessica. I couldn’t win a HOH and align myself with Alex and Jason. My biggest regret was how I treated Dominique when she left. I should have stuck by her. She’s an incredible woman and it wasn’t right for me to ignore her in her final week.

A lot can change between now and the end, but at this point, who do you think has a chance to go far in the game?
I hope Alex. I’m really rooting for that girl. She’s been in the crossfires since day 1. She’s a tough competitor and has great relationships with everyone in the house. I hope it can be Alex.

What about the flip side in terms of who is not playing at all and just taking up space in the house?
That’s Matt and Raven. Kevin’s not really playing, but I love him and can’t throw him in there. Josh is just causing chaos. Christmas is just saying things to stir it up, but she did win a HOH. The house is full of floaters, but in terms of who is not playing, it’s Matt and Raven.

You had a showmance with Elena. Do you want to pursue a romantic relationship with her outside of the house?
I’m crazy about Elena and I definitely want to see where things go after. We’ll have some time in Jury. I hope it’s more than just a showmance.

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