When Ethan returns to Teen Wolf in the Sept. 10 episode, he won’t be the same person fans remember. For one thing, he’s now gotten used to life without his twin brother, Aiden, by his side.

“How I’ve grieved and gotten over that figures prominently into my storyline,” Charlie Carver says.

And then there’s the recently revealed fact that Ethan, who’s living in London, is in a relationship with a fellow Beacon Hills alum: Jackson (Colton Haynes). In fact, when fans first see the couple, they’ll be attempting to celebrate their anniversary. (Some hunters get in the way.)

However, as Teen Wolf fans will remember, Ethan had previously been in a relationship with Danny. But according to Carver, Ethan is a “one man at a time” sort of guy. “All I will say is: Why would you give up Jackson for Danny at this point,” he says. “Danny kept a secret. The foundation of a relationship is truth, and Danny didn’t tell the truth.”

Here’s hoping Jackson remains truthful and these two get a happy ending.

Teen Wolf airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV. (Reminder: The show isn’t on this weekend due to VMAs.)

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