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What do you have on Grey’s Anatomy? — Brianna
You may have heard that Grey’s Anatomy is heading into a lighter season, but trust me when I tell you that there will be some shocking news by the end of the two-hour premiere that will really make you question, well, everything.

What’s happening with Hell now that Crowley’s dead on Supernatural? — Mara
It’s pretty much what you’d imagine. When one leader falls, another must step up. But the question is: Who will earn their spot in Hell’s throne? (Hint: It might be someone we’ve never met before.) “There is a power vacuum,” showrunner Andrew Dabb says of the situation in Hell. “Into that power vacuum will step a new player for us. Once Crowley is gone, demon-kind and some of our players — some we’ve met before and some that are new — start asking themselves: What is the future of Hell? People come with various different agendas.”

Do you have more scoop on The Flash‘s girls night out? — Peach
That episode won’t be the only girl power we’ll be seeing this year. “We’re definitely going to see Iris’ relationship with Caitlin especially developed this season, which we haven’t seen before, which will be really nice for fans,” Candice Patton tells me. “Fans have been wanting to see more female dynamic on the show, and there will definitely be that. They’re working closely together. Caitlin has been through so much herself in relationships, and I think if anyone can offer advice, it would be her, so she’s there quite often to give Iris advice on her relationship with Barry and how to move forward.”

What do you know about the Game of Thrones finale? — Hillary
For starters, there’s the biggest assembly of major GoT characters since the pilot (or Joffrey’s wedding, depending on how you count major). But the finale is less about big action and more about dramatic moments. Plus: The Arya and Sansa conflict will also come to a head.


Anything on Butch’s turn as Solomon Grundy when Gotham returns? — Kyle
Well, he won’t appear in the premiere, but when he does resurface, things will be very different for the character formerly known as Butch. “He’s been in a vegetative state at Gotham General and so in order to clear up space for more beds, the administrators at the hospital have him dumped in Slaughter Swamp, as one does in Gotham,” executive producer John Stephens says. “So he emerges reborn out of Slaughter Swamp as the character we know as Solomon Grundy.” Bonus scoop? Stephens reveals that the first person Solomon will run into is none other than Ed Nygma, and seeing as how Solomon has no memory of Ed, “we begin the story of a very unlikely friendship between these two who are sworn enemies but now, all of a sudden in season 4, are best friends as they move through Gotham.”

Would love some SuperCorp scoop for Supergirl. — Jay
Here’s some good news and some bad news: “Lena and Kara’s friendship will continue to grow,” EP Andrew Kreisberg says. “There’s a lot of Lena-Kara adventures early on in this season. The most interesting thing about Lena is that she is so good, and so moral, and believes in second chances, but she comes from this family of truly evil people. As people are going to realize over the course of this season, it doesn’t take much to make you bad. People don’t just turn evil. They do one small bad thing and then that leads to another, and then to another, and so any time you’re watching Lena, you’re always wondering, ‘Is this the moment when she does the one small thing?'”

Do you have any scoop on Regina and Henry’s relationship on Once Upon a Time? — Tina
Once the duo is reunited, it will be heartbreaking for Regina to have missed so many years of Henry’s life. “You get to see a little bit of that,” Lana Parrilla tells me. “She basically sees him for the first time, and she is just like, ‘Oh my god.’ It’s jarring for her when she sees him for the first time, but she’s also really happy for him because he’s turned into this beautiful young man, and she’s really quite impressed with him, but she’s still getting to know him at this level.”

Should we be expecting another MacGyver-Hawaii Five-0 crossover this year? — Trey
If it’s up to Peter Lenkov — showrunner on both shows — the answer is yes. “The best thing about that experience was learning how to do it,” Lenkov says. “Because a big part of it is the time difference between Hawaii and Atlanta and getting the actors there and getting them to do their scenes and not affect production on both shows. I think we’ll be able to do it in a much bigger way the next time we do it.”

Anything on The Blacklist please! — Aly
The news that Red is Liz’s father is going to quickly put the Task Force in jeopardy. “Cooper, first and foremost, is going to be saddled with what to do with that,” EP Jon Bokenkamp says. “He is now faced with, ‘What do I tell the higher ups and what happens to the Task Force?’ Cooper is a pretty above-the-board guy, so it is going to be something that all of them are going to have to deal with.”

What can we expect from the rest of Halt and Catch Fire’s final season? — Carly
You know that cataloging project Gordon had Haley working on? Well, that little endeavor helps Gordon realize his introverted daughter shares his and Donna’s technological brilliance, and Haley ends up joining her father and Joe as their business tackles the world of search. “Over the course of that interaction, Haley has a lot of time with Joe, who, I think, recognizes similarities between the two of them that go beyond what Gordon is maybe immediately able to spot,” teases co-creator Christopher C. Rogers.

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