Plus other Emmy nominated shows get treatments from Brian McKnight and Paula Cole

Michael Bolton and a cohort of singer-songwriters have teamed up to recreate theme songs for this year’s Emmy nominated shows with a retro twist.

The songs vaguely resemble (as much as copyright law will allow) iconic ’90s and early aughts TV themes, but tonally match up to varying results. Natasha Bedingfield, whose hit “Unwritten” lent itself to The Hills opening credits, gives Stranger Things the Full House treatment. Brian McKnight parodies the Cheers theme for This Is Us. “We’re not cutting onions in here/ you’ll be cryin’ buckets of tears/ just accept the end is near/ and someday we’ll all die sha-la-la-la,” he earnestly wails. Paula Cole covers her own song “I Don’t Want to Wait,” which Dawson’s Creek used as its theme, for the dark dystopian Hulu drama The Handmaid’s Tale.

Last but not least, Bolton asks the team to cover the Game of Thrones theme, but they resist because the HBO drama isn’t eligible for Emmys this year. “House Bolton does what it wants,” he deadpans, before singing about how the show has too many names to remember.

A Game of Thrones
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