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They didn’t even get to eat their pancakes.

This morning’s segment of Fox & Friends, which set out to discuss politics with the public over breakfast, was swiftly cut after it was interrupted by a protester who called out the Fox News Channel for being fake news.

The segment, “Breakfast in the Bluegrass State,” was intended to get the “pulse of the people over food” in two politically divided Kentucky counties, according to Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy. Correspondent Todd Piro went to “heavy Democrat” Jefferson County which neighbors “heavy Republican” Bullitt County and was sitting at a table talking with a Trump supporter when the protester interrupted.

“You’ve got a Democrat right here,” said the protester to the camera, “This is fake news.” He was holding up a sign that said “FOX LIES” as he was pushed out of view and the camera cut back to the studio set before any of the guests got to talk to Piro.

“In the best interest of the telecast, we cut away,” said Doocy.

This morning’s episode of Fox & Friends also included a strong defense of “the good stuff” during the President’s rally last night in Phoenix where Trump defended his widely-criticized remarks following the violence in Charlottesville and also endorsed the morning news show.

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