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The 100’s season 4 finale left fans with many questions: Who is that girl with Clarke? Why has the bunker not reopened? And who is on that spaceship?

EW has exclusively learned the answer to one of those questions: Power and Love Actually actress Ivana Milicevic will be playing Charmaine Diyoza, one of the “mysterious criminals” aboard the prison ship.

We know from Comic-Con that the prison ship was sent into space 100 years before the Apocalypse, a.k.a. our time, and EP Jason Rothenberg says they were likely in hypersleep.

Even though she’s a prisoner, Charmaine is also a “ruthless military strategist who will go head to head” with characters we know and love. Her actions will cause both unity and division — which sounds like other women on the ground we know. Her character description goes on to say she will “leave an indelible legacy on our new world.”

Milicevic, who has most recently been in Gotham, will be a recurring guest star when The 100 returns midseason on The CW.

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