Showrunner Emily Andras also explains why Doc was most affected by the Wynonna-less world

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Wynonna Earp - Season 2
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What is Wynonna Earp without Wynonna Earp?

That was the question posed in the Syfy show’s penultimate episode of season 2. With a curse cast by the Iron Witch, Purgatory became a Wynonna Earp-less town, and it’s certainly not for the better.

[SPOILER ALERT: Turn back now if you have not watched episode 11 of Wynonna Earp season 2.]

Waverly is engaged to Perry, who she has left at the altar three times. Nicole pines after her while she’s sheriff (Nedley died!). Jeremy and Dolls are working for Black Badge. Oh, and Doc is apparently the Big Bad of Purgatory and has taken over the Earp homestead.

Luckily, Doc isn’t brainwashed into this version of events like everyone else. Once he starts evoking the name “Wynonna,” it slowly awakens everyone to what’s going on and they’re able to stop the curse.

Unfortunately, while they were busy resetting history, the Widows, unaffected, were raising their demon husband from the grave. So when Wynonna reappears in the timeline, she has a giant demon to send to hell. Oh, and did I mention she goes into labor?

“Gone as a Girl Can Get” — while incredibly fun — was an episode that teed up an intense finale. We caught up with showrunner Emily Andras to talk through how they came up with this alternate version of Purgatory and what we can expect from next week’s season capper.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: This episode was so fun!
EMILY ANDRAS: It’s about time we had a fun one! We’ve had some angst.

How long did it take you to sort out everyone’s alternate story lines in this version of Purgatory?
It takes longer than you think and makes me respect people who write time-travel shows. If you go down the rabbit hole of rules, it gets really complicated and everybody starts sweating and it begins to feel like math, which is terrifying to me. So we just tried to make it as flexible as possible and emphasize the emotions of it and the relationships we wanted. We thought, let’s not get too hung up on precisely how exact it is — let’s just have fun with it.

What were those important emotional beats you wanted to hit?
The two things we thought were really important is, Doc being the one to fight to rally everybody … and then, of course, the best part of it — that really was the key to this episode — was the idea that Nicole and Waverly are somehow destined to be together in any universe. They really felt like kindred spirits, like soul mates. Once we had those lynchpins, we just unleashed our writer Alex [Zarowny], who is fabulous, and she came up with this gold.

Speaking of Waverly — how in the world did she end up with Perry?
When we first meet Waverly in the series, she is with her high school boyfriend, Champ. Although we are a big fan of Dylan [Koroll’s] — the actor who plays Champ — we’re not a huge fan of Champ as a character. If Waverly had matured, I like the idea of her with someone who wasn’t necessarily a jerk.

I also liked the idea that she still hasn’t found herself. Wynonna showing up allowed Waverly to really examine who she is and what she wants. So if Wynonna never existed, I do buy that it might have taken Waverly longer than anticipated. But of course, just that proximity to Nicole Haught was going to wear her down eventually and make her realize the truth.

Waverly was obviously affected by the lack of Wynonna, but it seemed like Doc was the most impacted out of anyone.
I think he was. Doc is a character who lives in shades of gray more than any other character. I honestly think Doc is almost a high-functioning sociopath on some levels: He’s super selfish. He’s a consummate survivor. He has been on both sides of the law, wherever it suits him, multiple times. That’s just the truth about Doc Holliday.

When he gets out of the well in the first season, he’s so consumed by revenge. It’s really all he cares about, but his proximity to the Earp sisters, particularly Wynonna, re-teaches him love and affection and friendship.

This exercise for Doc — if and when he comes back — will touch him the most.

Were there any other alterations in this Purgatory that we didn’t have time to see?
If I had longer, sure, I would have liked to see some of the other Revenants without Wynonna there to put them down. (There is the mention of Jack of Knives.) It would have been interesting to see what other kinds of psychopaths were roaming around Purgatory.

All right, now let’s get next week! Demon Clootie is back and it seems like Wynonna is going into labor. How is this going to shake out?
It’s going to shake out in a blistering finale. Look, we have a lot of hanging threads that we are very excited to close off. You’re going to get answers on a lot of things you’ve been waiting to find out all season.

Does that mean we are going to learn who Waverly’s father is?
Could be. Maybe. Possibly. We’re going to get… let me put it this way: We will get some closure on maybe what Waverly is.

What else can you tell us about the finale?
It is really emotionally taxing. I cried twice in the episode — which is pretty unusual for me because I’m very cold-hearted and I already know what’s going to happen. I hope it makes you feel things.

At the same time, we now have the privilege of kicking off the new story for season 3. It’s definitely one of my favorite episodes of the year. It’s crazy y’all.

Brace yourselves.

Wynonna Earp’s season 2 finale airs Friday, Sept. 25 at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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