'We wanted to give this present back to our fans for supporting us,' says Eric Wareheim

By Dan Snierson
August 18, 2017 at 01:36 PM EDT

Almost seven years after Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!‘s psychedelic, scatological, unsettling journey into the dada-verse reached its terminus, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim rejoin freaky forces to bring you a 10th anniversary special. Airing Sunday, Aug. 27, at midnight ET/PT on Adult Swim, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Awesome 10-Year Anniversary Version, Great Job? will serve up 30 minutes of new bits and classic creatures (welcome back, Steve Brule! Casey Tatum! Etc.!).

So, what was it like for the duo to dust off their iconic franchise, wheel out of the garage and take it for a spin again? Was it like, say, riding a recumbent bike? “We put on our spandex pants and they were a little more snug than they were 10 years ago, but we had the juice to keep those dance moves going,” Wareheim tells EW. “It all flooded back to us, to be honest with you. We wanted to give this present back to our fans for supporting us and allowing us to do all these other shows. Tim and I really talked about it and we were like, ‘Let’s write it, and if we come up with good ideas, we’ll do it.’ We would never half-ass it. We used the same kind of cameras, we had a smaller budget, and we just kind of banged it out the same way we did before — and we’re pretty happy with it.”

Heidecker and Wareheim gave fans a peek when they took their Awesome Show on the road this summer for a 10th anniversary tour and screened segments from the 30-minute special, which airs Sunday, August 27 at midnight ET/PT on Adult Swim. Last week, EW brought you the first clip from the special, and it involved a catchy tune about tiny Lamborghinis by the Ghini Guys. Right now, in the video above, you can get a first look at the trailer for the special, which promises shenanigans old and new, faces familiar and strange.

And speaking of familiar faces, they will populate unexpected places, in more ways than one. “Spagett is living in the new era, just like we are 10 years later,” teases Wareheim, “You have to adapt and he has to make his spooks even scarier, and he has to spook in even more awkward places. Pierre is back, but he is involved with Cinco now. There’s a lot of cross-pollination going on with different Awesome Show companies and celebrities.”

Will Forte returns to the Awesome fold, and he would like to get hands-on with you — or at least would like you to get that way with yourself. “He teaches you how to massage yourself if you don’t have the money to get a massage, or if you don’t like the feeling of other people touching your body,” says Wareheim. “Now you can touch yourself, and he’ll train you for that.” (Those might pair well with your Morning Meditations, which are back to “relax you throughout your day.”)

Want to get a whiff of something more… pungent? “Cinco has amazing new products for flatulence — hugely innovative products,” hints Wareheim. “I’m a single man and go on dates, and sometimes you need to relieve yourself. This is a new device that you can sit there on a date and alleviate yourself without moving. Unfortunately. it’s a large top hat that’s connected to your asshole, but if you’re willing to go through that procedure, it’s a really worthwhile product.”

Yes, the possibility exists that Tim and Eric will create more Awesome Show product down the road, maybe even before 10 more years pass. (Season 2 of their anthology series, Bedtime Stories, begins Sept. 10.)  “I think it all depends on our fans,” says Wareheim. “We made this special for our fans. If they love it and they reach out to us, they’re going to give us inspiration to make more.”

But here’s one thing he will say without equivocation: Ten years later, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! has a legacy that is unparalleled. “Still, no one is touching Awesome Show,” he declares. “We want people to try to beat us. I feel like this is a boxing press conference, like, ‘Please, bring it!’ We want to be taken out. But we’re not. Making this show, we realize we’re still kings, no one can touch us, and we’re proud of that.”

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