The troupe brought about the age of 'Aquarius' to Crosswalk Theater

As James Corden says, “It’s one thing [to be] on a stage, air conditioning, Broadway, lights. It’s another thing when people are shouting obscenities out of a window at you because they don’t get it.” This is the high-stakes, make-or-break world of Crosswalk Theater, and Hamilton‘s Lin-Manuel Miranda got a taste of it.

Corden’s crosswalk troupe tackled Beauty and the Beast with Dan Stevens and his Disney movie costars, Mary Poppins with Sir Ben Kingsley, and The Lion King with Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne, but they’ve never done Hair — probably because they don’t really know what it’s about.

“I think there’s a war or there’s been a war,” Corden says in the sketch. After much thought, he ultimately concludes, “It’s wigs and nudity. It’s a lot of wigs and a lot of nudity.”

For the big finale, Corden and Miranda did what no one thought they could do: dance nude on the crosswalk. “In the original production of Hair, the entire cast got naked, but both CBS and the state of California told us we can’t be nude in the crosswalk,” Miranda explained. “Then again, people told me that Alexander Hamilton wasn’t a Puerto Rican rapper with beautiful brown eyes.”

Miranda was in California to bring Hamilton to the West Coast. The sold-out opening night performance in Los Angeles on Aug. 16 was packed celebrities, including Shonda Rhimes, Elizabeth Banks, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Sterling K. Brown, and Josh Gad.

Watch the entire Crosswalk Theater production in the video above.

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