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Each week, host Julie Chen will answer a few questions about the latest events in the Big Brother house.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Fans love the double eviction episodes where you do an entire week’s worth of play in an hour. What’s it like there when you all are filming it?
JULIE CHEN: When we’re shooting double eviction, it’s nuts. There are so many variables depending who wins what and who gets nominated and who gets evicted. We have to change copy on the fly. For example, what I call our “Folgers Moment” portion — which is the one or two lines delivered to the audience as the Houseguests are walking into the diary room. It’s like the quiet voice in one’s head: “Jim never has a second cup of coffee at home… hmmmmm.” Also knowing what to ask the second surprise evicted Houseguest. Lots of room for error. But it’s fun and exciting and it moves!

Cody let the cat out of the bag that he’s planning to marry Jessica. What do you make of that news and might we see a finale proposal?
I doubt he will propose on the finale show. He seems like he doesn’t want anyone associated with the house to be anywhere near him during that sacred moment. Can you imagine?!?! Ha! I think he has such disdain (for now) for so many of the Houseguests that he wouldn’t want them to share that precious moment with them. I think there’s a good chance they will marry and I think they both truly feel it’s in their future.

That being said, she must meet his daughter first and they must bond, and he must meet her friends and family first and get the seal of approval! At least I imagine her friends have to like him and he has to show he can be socialized into her life. He did show a lighter side and even a smile when I evicted him last night so there is hope! I am rooting for them to be happy together.

I noticed not one single person picked Paul to compete in the shuffleboard HOH competition where someone is eliminated each round. Are they honestly so scared of him that they can’t even ask him to compete?
I don’t think it’s so much that they’re scared of him. I think the reason no one picked Paul to compete in the shuffleboard face off is because the point of that competition is to pick people you want gone. And right now no one wants Paul gone! They are all under his spell (for better or worse!).

Was Elena’s decision to go back on her word and give Alex the curse while taking the $5,000 the final nail in her coffin, and how bad a game move was that?
Actually, it was smart of Elena to take the cash ’cause she was already on the hit list. Her number was up in the house anyway. It would’ve only been a dumb move had we seen her evicted instead of Cody in the first eviction of the night. She knew she was a long shot to win the game so why not make off with 5k? Smart.

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