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Big Brother is a game built on broken promises. But when you publicly break one to the Head of Household moments after making it just to score $5,000, the other thing being broken is your game.

Elena Davies may have passed her camping curse onto Alex, but the move also sealed her fate and she was voted out by the house in the second elimination of double eviction night. Does Elena regret that decision? What are her real thoughts on Josh? And is there a future for her and showmance partner Mark outside of the house? We caught up with the radio personality on her way to the jury house — unfortunately with no live feeds — to ask her that and more. (Also make sure to read our Q&As with Cody and Julie Chen.)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Let’s talk about your big decision at the Veto competition to stick Alex with the camping curse and taking her $5,000 after you promised you wouldn’t. Why did you do it anyway and did you regret it after?
ELENA DAVIES: That was a tough decision for me in the moment. I did promise that I wouldn’t punish her, but the way I see it is, she shouldn’t have kept the $5,000. She should have traded it for Mark’s Colorado trip, and I could have taken the money from him and he would have been punished. Instead of executing it the logical way, she wanted to be selfish and keep the $5,000 and me take a lesser prize, even though I won the competition. I don’t regret it because I’m pretty confident I’d be speaking to you regardless, and now I’m speaking to you with 5,000 extra dollars.

Give me your thoughts on Josh and why you all mixed it up a few times.
Josh is a frustrating person to have a mature conversation with. I say you can’t have a rational conversation with an irrational human, and he is an irrational human. A lot of the times when he talks, I don’t even process what he’s saying as words, it’s just sounds. He doesn’t always make sense, he’s a walking contradiction, he makes every argument in the house about himself, and everyone else seems to support it whenever he’s doing it, and then talks bad about him behind his back.

I wasn’t afraid to be direct. I don’t think it was fair for him to switch up some of the dialogues we had and paint me in a way that wasn’t fair, and it probably made me a bigger target by addressing it, but I’m not going to roll over and let Josh win a word battle with me. Hell no. But talking to him gives me acid refluxes, as he likes to call it.

What do you regret most about your time in the house and what is the one thing you would you change if you could?
I threw Alex’s first HOH comp to her, and I regret that a little bit, and I also threw the last HOH comp that Alex won, when it was getting too close because I was certain this week would be a double eviction and I wanted to be able to participate in it. But maybe if I had taken that last HOH things would be different. Working with Cody week 1, I regret, but there were a lot of people working with him.

Do you think there is any future for you and Mark outside of the house?
I think there is a future, whether it be romantic or friendship, I definitely see us maintaining a relationship in some way. I have yet to share with him how I feel, because I was still kinda figuring it out, and am still figuring it out. But, it is weird, because right when I left I did miss him and I can’t wait to see him, so I think that says something.

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