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You’ll have to forgive Cody Nickson if he experienced a bit of déjà vu last night. That’s because the 32-year-old construction worker was voted out of the Big Brother house for the second time this season, as his housemates sent him packing by a unanimous vote — but not before he could toss a few grenades to shake things up.

Why did he throw Alex and Jason under the bus on his way out? Whom does he hate the most? How does he feel about his social game in the house? And is there really a marriage proposal in the works for Jessica? We asked the Big Brother cyborg all that and more on his way to the jury house. (Also make sure to read our exit interview with Elena as well as our weekly Q&A with host Julie Chen.)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Clearly you were a physical threat in the house, but how would you assess your social game?
CODY NICKSON: Jessica was my social game. So the second she was gone, I had none. I had to compete and win and they did everything in their power to strip me of my ability to compete.

You had some really harsh words for Alex and Jason before voting, and made up a bunch of phony scenarios. What was that all about?
Alex wanted to go after Jess and insult her to my face so I was very glad to throw her under the bus. Jason always just stood by and never stood up for Jessica or me. He never repaid me with even one vote.

You shot out of that house like a cannon. Was it harder being voted out the first or the second time?
It was harder being voted out the first time because I didn’t think that I was going to see Jessica again.

You told Julie you hate all the people in the house. Whom do you hate the most and why?
All of them pretty much equally. I just dislike them a lot. Anybody that attacks Jessica personally, it really got under my skin. I can’t stand for that.

How frustrating is that Jessica and you went out back to back but she’s not in the jury house and you are?
It pisses me off a lot. It’s a personal attack against the both of us. A HUGE reason why I dislike all of them.

Finally, you said you were going to marry Jessica. Does that mean a proposal is imminent and might it be at the Big Brother finale?
[Laughs] I keep getting asked this! Listen, I blacked out when Julie asked me that question. My heart was pounding and she caught me off guard!

Also make sure to read our exit interview with Elena as well as our weekly Q&A with host Julie Chen. And for more Big Brother interviews, follow Dalton on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

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