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Please give me some hope for Olicity on Arrow! — Marcos
It sounds like Felicity and Oliver are definitely on the road to recovery this year. “We put them on a very specific trajectory at the end of season 5,” EP Marc Guggenheim tells me. “It would be very schizophrenic for us to suddenly take them off that trajectory.” But Guggenheim also teases this tidbit: “There is not a single romantic kiss between any two characters in the season premiere.” So be patient?

Will we see some Hook and Henry bromance on Once Upon a Time this season? — Corey
While Hook and Henry will be playing catch-up when they cross paths again in the Enchanted Forest in Hyperion Heights — no one has seen Henry for a while, FYI — their cursed personas will be teaming up. “They’re both looking for something and they find what could be an advantageous partnership,” Andrew J. West says. “At first, there’s a little bit of ‘Can I trust this guy? Who is this guy? Can he help me? Is he on my side?’ But they find a way where they can maybe help each other.”

Please give me some good news about the final season of Scandal. — Leslie
Abby is fully back to being a Gladiator in the final season! “She is the Chief of Staff at QPA — Quinn Perkins & Associates,” Darby Stanchfield says. “She’s Quinn’s right-hand person. They’ve even moved Abby into the office right next to Quinn’s.” However, QPA is no OPA. “Right now, QPA has a branding crisis on their hands,” Stanchfield says. “Everybody knows who Olivia Pope is in this town, but nobody knows who Quinn is, so the Gladiators are trying to hustle up work and find clients. That is the first hurdle.”

I’m glad that Philip Winchester will be heading to SVU. Any scoop? — Scott
Don’t be so excited: Philip Winchester’s Peter Stone is definitely going to be a foil for Barba this season — though the Chicago Justice character isn’t necessarily taking his job. “There’s more than one A.D.A. in New York,” EP Michael Chernuchin says. “They will be antagonists. Philip will come in and he won’t be the nicest person our characters have ever met. What he’s going to be doing, too, is basically bringing all of the franchises into one. He’s connecting Law & Order, the Chicago franchises and now SVU.”

Do you know anything about the final two episodes of Game of Thrones this season? — Baez
I hear we get the last major battle scene of the season this Sunday, with Jon Snow’s north of the wall adventure, which you have to figure not everyone will survive. Also, Ayra and Sansa’s tension goes to a new level.

Should we be worried about Joluca on Grey’s Anatomy? — CamillaLNews
Since the season is picking up right where we left off, DeLuca’s feelings for Jo certainly have not gone away. “It’s something that’s going to continue to be brought up until it has some resolution,” Giacomo Gianniotti says. “He’s aware that he jumped the gun a bit on a woman who was very fresh out a relationship, went through a very traumatic experience, is running from a very traumatic experience, and he jumped the gun a little bit. He needed to give her some space and time alone to figure out and sort through her emotions, and maybe then she’d be in a better place to open her life to someone new.”

Something about Sara Lance’s storyline on season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow? — Benjilau
Though she’ll have a brief turn working at Sink, Shower & Stuff, Sara will be firmly in charge of the Legends this season. But she will also be suffering some guilt over making the decision that ultimately broke time. “She’s found her place as the captain of the Waverider, so unlike last season where it was a little bit of a learning curve, she’s happy to be the captain,” EP Marc Guggenheim says. “One of the things that hang over the whole year is the fact that she has some measure of responsibility for all the anachronisms that they are dealing with.”

Do you know what Zapata has been up to on Blindspot? — Marcella
Confirmed: Zapata did, in fact, join the CIA in the intervening two years. “Zapata has been increasingly frustrated with how the FBI did business in the back half of the second season and so, for us, it made a lot of sense for her to just try something new and so she went over and started working with the CIA and this year,” EP Martin Gero says. “The FBI and the CIA will work together much closer. It’s not going to be as contentious as a relationship as it was in the first two seasons. They will be working in consort with each other.”

What can you tease for Hawaii Five-0? — Mitchell
Good news: Claire Forlani will be reprising her role as criminal profiler Alicia Brown in season 8 — and she may finally take that next step with McGarrett this season. “There is definitely chemistry between them and the idea of leaning in that direction is very intriguing to us, so we’re thinking about it,” EP Peter Lenkov says.

Anything on my favorite Lucifer character Linda? — Samuel
Linda is not really dealing well with the trauma she suffered at the hands of Charlotte in the finale, so she’ll need to seek out a therapist of her own — of sorts. “Because she’s a therapist, she thinks she knows how to handle trauma,” EP Ildy Modrovich says. “But the problem is, she doesn’t have somebody else on the other side; there’s nobody to sit in the chair across from her, so she’s dealing with it herself at first. She finally realizes she needs somebody to sit in the proverbial chair for her, so she seeks out an interesting partnership, a new friendship, that will be very exciting.” Oh, and you better believe Maze will be bummed over this new development when she returns.

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