By Clark Collis
August 17, 2017 at 10:13 AM EDT
Colin Hutton/BBC AMERICA
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The BBC America police drama Broadchurch wrapped up its third season Wednesday night — and according to show creator and writer Chris Chibnall that is probably the last we will ever see of David Tennant and Olivia Colman’s cops, as well as all the other characters viewers have come to love (and, in some cases, hate).

“I don’t have any other series for this world,” says Chibnall of the UK-set show. “There were these three stories. I wouldn’t want to do repeated versions of these crimes. I don’t think that would ring true to me. So, at the moment, I don’t think I have another story for this world and I’m not sure that will change, really. So, I think it’s probably goodbye for good.”

Chibnall won’t have a whole lot of time to write a new season of the show in the near future. He is replacing Steve Moffat as the showrunner of Doctor Who, whose new star is Broadchurch actress Jodie Whittaker. But is there any chance at all that he could at some point return to Broadchurch? What if the BBC paid for a season set in Hawaii?

“You are not the first person to suggest that we go abroad and do something,” says Chibnall. “I think wherever David Tennant and Olivia Colman might wish to spend a few months of their year… Yeah, Hawaii could be good. France. New Zealand. I’m sure you’d have eager ears from some of the cast!”

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