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August 15, 2017 at 11:11 AM EDT
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Week after week, Freeform’s The Bold Type is causing viewers to fall in love with its emboldened 20-something lead trio (Katie Stevens, Aisha Dee, Meghann Fahy) as they come into their own — both personally and professionally — and cause plenty of mayhem along the way. EW caught up with Sam Page, who plays Sutton’s (Fahy) hush-hush beau, Richard, to get details on all the drama to come. Page dished on the dinner party Richard hosts this week in an attempt to get to know Jane (Stevens) and Kat (Dee) outside of work.

“They’re such a big part of [Sutton’s] life,” Page says, of Kat and Jane, “and a big part of who she is, and he really wants to get to know them and, by proxy, get to know her better. But that, as you can imagine [laughs] dramatic television, it comes along with certain consequences too.”

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: At the end of last week’s episode Alex found out about Richard and Sutton, and we got a taste of a love triangle brewing among the three of them. Can you tease a bit of what’s to come?
Both personal and professional stressers come into the mix. And, you know, in the early stages of a relationship — and one that’s clandestine and therefore a little difficult — you start to question the relationship. The two questions that come up are: Is this what we really want? And if we can both say yes to that, the next question is: Can we have it, given the circumstances? The relationship does certainly come under some pressure and scrutiny. And at the same time as that’s happening, it’s not like Alex and Sutton are arguing a whole lot [laughs]. They get along pretty well.

In the pilot, it was suggested that if Sutton and Richard were to get caught, his career wouldn’t really be jeopardized at all, whereas she would really take the fall.
There is further discussion about this — in, I think this episode, or the next — that actually it’s my career that would be ruined.

Right, because of the seniority.
Yes. I would get shown the door. The way we’ve played the scenes where we are — we kind of are having fun with the sneaking around, it doesn’t feel like life and death, and we don’t fight about it. To me, that indicates… they’re going somewhere together that’s stronger than, and bigger than their jobs. Or, certainly, they feel like, if they were to get caught, it could be managed without having to stop.

Are we going to get a bit more of Richard’s backstory? Does he have skeletons in the closet?
Yeah, he definitely has skeletons. He’s a really, really interesting character, one of my [favorites] I’ve gotten to play. We won’t know too much about his backstory that’s very, very specific — about where he’s from and who his parents are — quite yet. But, you know, his past loves and relationships and things that have been very formative with regard to what he’s doing now, that kind of stuff will come to light. There is a plan for that.

There is this dynamic where it’s predominantly women. Can you speak to the differences that you’ve experienced working in that environment?
Having the top four people on the call sheet be all women has been a really wonderful thing to work with. We’re in a wonderful situation because they really took on a huge amount of accountability for the show, and, you can see how great they are together. They all took on accountability and responsibility for carrying the show, and they really crushed it. That has been such a cool thing to watch.

Can we expect a lot of tension from this episode?
I would say it’s the biggest episode for Richard of the season. A lot of different things happen for him, and then the combination of it all is very big. But yeah, there’s that intention that their relationship really comes under fire, both from without and within. It’s a great episode.

Will this dinner just be the girls or, like, will Pinstripe be there as well?
Just the girls.

So does that dynamic sort of turn into them ganging up on him a bit?
No, quite the opposite. Both Jane and Sutton show up in various states, to the party, and everything kind of unravels. The party kind of unravels, and Richard’s kind of left out in the cold, so to speak.

As he would be.
Yes, as he would be, exactly. And then from there, some other things happen — some complications at work. The complications at work are exasperated because their personal lives have intersected as well. It really becomes about trying to compartmentalize those things, to make it easier, but it only makes things harder.

The Bold Type airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Freeform. Watch an exclusive clip from tonight’s episode above.

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