Call it the curious incident of the dog in the courtroom.

TV magistrate Judith Sheindlin presided over a canine ownership dispute in a recent episode of Judge Judy, and her no-nonsense solution is going viral.

In a video recap of the episode, a woman claims to have legally purchased the dog in question, while the opposing litigant maintains that the animal is his. To get to the bottom of the mystery, Sheindlin orders the diminutive dog be carried into the courtroom and then turns it loose.

“Put the dog down,” she commands.

As soon as the dog hits the ground, it scampers over to the male litigant and bounces up and down in excitement.

“He does that to everybody,” the woman protests, but Sheindlin has seen enough.

“It’s his dog,” Judge Judy rules. “That’s all, take the dog home.”

Watch highlights from the episode above.

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