The network requested that images of their journalists be removed

By Christian Holub
August 15, 2017 at 02:13 PM EDT
Alex Brandon/AP Photo

President Donald Trump’s ongoing feud with the media, and CNN in particular, continues apace.

The latest flare-up comes from CNN refusing to air a new Trump ad that maligns specific anchors on the network as enemies of the president. Titled “Let President Trump Do His Job,” the ad blames both Democratic politicians (like Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Maxine Waters) and network journalists (like Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper) for “obstructing” Trump’s agenda. In typical Trump style, the ad also boasts of his achievements, like “more Americans working than ever before” and “all-time record highs” for the stock market.

“CNN would accept the ad if the images of reporters and anchors are removed,” a network spokesperson said in a statement. “Anchors and reporters don’t have ‘enemies,’ as the ad states, but they do hold those in power accountable across the political spectrum and aggressively challenge false and misleading statements and investigate wrong-doing.”

This incident is only the latest dust-up between the White House and CNN. Earlier this week, President Trump called CNN journalist Jim Acosta “fake news” at a press conference. Back in May, the network refused to run a different ad that labeled the mainstream media as “fake news.” In July, White House officials hinted to the New York Times that President Trump’s Justice Department might try to use the pending merger between Time Warner (CNN’s parent company) and AT&T as leverage over the network.

Watch the newest ad below.