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Who’s dead or alive?

When Criminal Minds wrapped its 12th season on CBS, six members of the BAU team jumped into a pair of SUVs on a wild goose chase to meet Reid. But what happened was a straight-up disaster: somebody sabotaged their tires to blow up right in the path of an 18-wheeler truck — and it’s unclear who, if any, survived the devastation.

In anticipation of the drama’s Sept. 27 start date, EW got some exclusive scoop from executive producer Erica Messer about the accident and how new cast member Daniel Henney — fresh off the short-lived spinoff Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders — joins the action as Agent Matt Simmons.

Wheels Up
Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

“Garcia [Kirsten Vangsness] has just learned that her team is in trouble. And the first person she calls is Agent Simmons,” Messer tells EW. “He drives them to the site of the last known signal from the team. They discover this horrific car accident. Once they see who is injured, they discover that someone is missing.”

Messer says that Simmons and Garcia work together for the majority of the episode to find the missing BAU member. Could it be Emily Prentiss, David Rossi, and Jennifer Jareau or Tara Lewis, Luke Alvez, and Stephen Walker?

But even if someone — gulp — dies from the accident, Messer tells EW that there are no plans to expand the team beyond Henney this season. Speaking of whom, here’s another first look of the actor as Agent Matt Simmons in his new digs. Is he hot on the trail of Mr. Scratch, who may or may not have caused that horrific accident?

Wheels Up
Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Criminal Minds returns for its 13th season on Wednesday, Sept. 27, on CBS.

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