Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher are leading a Twitter campaign to support their series, in need of a new network after Seeso's shutdown

Take My Wife

Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher’s lovely comedy Take My Wife is looking for a new home after its network, NBC streaming site Seeso, announced its imminent closure this week — and Twitter is ready to help them find one.

The show, based on Esposito and Butcher’s real life as married comedians, premiered in 2016 and ran for one season before being renewed for a second. In a tweet posted Wednesday, Esposito shared some facts about the show, including that both seasons had an all-female writers’ room and that in season 2, 22 out of 47 roles were played by LGBTQ+ actors.

“We cannot think of a single season of tv that has employed more out queer actors,” she noted before listing more stats about the season 2 cast, like how 33 percent of the roles were filled by people of color.

“Changing the power dynamics in television can be done,” she concluded. “With Seeso’s help, strong guidance from Comedy Bang Bang (our production company) and a mandate between Rhea & I as showrunners that we came here to claim our space and make room for others, we did it. You can too.”

Esposito’s original tweet has been reposted thousands of times, including by music duo Tegan and Sara, who wrote: “I wonder what my life would have looked like if I’d seen thoughtful + positive #LGBTQ representation on TV when I was young.”

“I wanted to make #TakeMyWife because I wanted to see more people like me on tv AND I wanted to see more people like my friends on tv,” Butcher tweeted.

Back before Take My Wife premiered, Esposito spoke with EW about representation on TV and how her and Butcher’s show would be different from other series. “If you watch a lot of television and you don’t know what could happen to lesbians if they don’t die, this is a show about that,” she said. “I promise you, no lesbians die in this show.”

Follow the #TakeMyWife hashtag on Twitter to see fans express their support of the show.

Take My Wife
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