Jones is back, baby!

By Nick Romano
August 11, 2017 at 08:51 AM EDT

Oh, Leslie Jones, how we’ve missed you — even though it’s only been a couple months since the Saturday Night Live season finale.

The comic made her triumphant, unrestrained return to the “Weekend Update” news desk for Thursday night’s premiere of Weekend Update: Summer Edition. Among the topics of conversation were gym bodies, “booty water,” and her on-going flirtation with cohost Colin Jost.

Jones has a lot of thoughts on working out since she’s been posting videos of herself hitting the gym to social media. “I’m not doing it for y’all,” she clarified. “I’m doing it for me.” She also showed Jost what will happen when he goes to jail by forcing him to kiss her “guns.”

“I love working out, but I do not like going to the gym,” Jones said in telling a story about “this whore of Babylon” who splashed water from the drinking fountain on her armpits. “That’s nasty!” she exclaimed. “That’s worse than being in a swimming pool full of booty water.”

Of course, she needed to explain the meaning of “booty water” to Jost. “When you’re in a pool, you don’t know how your booty is going to react submerged in water, okay?” Jones said. “You don’t know if you’ve got loose air pockets that need to come out. You don’t know how your butthole is going to react to all the pressure of the water up against it. So eventually, booty + water = booty water.”

Also, add “sexy ass white walker” to Jones’ list of pet names for Jost.

Watch the clip above.