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After five seasons, a few memorable dances, and who knows how many clones, Orphan Black is set to say goodbye.

Ahead of the series finale airing Saturday at 10 p.m. ET on BBC America, the cast sat down with EW for a look back at the beloved show and reminisce about their emotional final moment onset.

“It’s a big testament to how we felt about it,” said Maria Doyle Kennedy, who stars as Mrs. S. “Nobody wanted to go through it or to hear that it had wrapped alone… Forty people who weren’t filming all came to hang out, to be together in the cold until four in the morning, and to clap and cry and somehow try to recognize the moment.”

Added Kristian Bruun, “We just stood there stunned for the first few minutes in a circle and people were handing out champagne and we didn’t know what to say.”

Watch the full video above.

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Tatiana Maslany plays half the cast of BBC America’s paranoid clone thriller.

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